15 Ideas for Connecting With Customers On Social Media in 2022

What is one way a Small Business can effectively connect with consumers through social media?

To help your Small and Medium Business (Small Business) brand connect effectively with customers on social media, we asked social media managers, content marketing professionals, and small business owners this question for their best insights. There are several ways to post user-generated content to go live on Instagram weekly. Small businesses can meaningfully engage with users and customers on social media to form new connections and deepen existing ones.

Here are 15 ways these Small Business leaders connect their brands with customers on social media:

  1. Locate and Post user-generated Content
  2. Determine Your Target Audience
  3. Announce Contest Winners on Your Social Media
  4. Use Instagram Stories
  5. Add a Human Touch by Posting Video Content on Instagram
  6. Host Educational Webinars
  7. Leverage the Founder’s Personal Brand
  8. Show Behind-the-Scenes Videos
  9. Create Interactive Posts
  10. Conduct Online Polls and Surveys on Social Media
  11. Follow a Social Media Calendar for Consistency
  12. Resolve Your Business and Brand Issues Through Social Media
  13. Make Use of Meta-Ads
  14. Use Brand Ambassadors to Promote on Social Media
  15. Go Live on Instagram Weekly

Post User-Generated Content

Social media friends are constantly buying things and telling us about them. A user-generated content (UGC) is anything a person creates, whether a photo or a lengthy review. Depending on your business, the person may be a customer or a random individual who has encountered you only once or twice. Social media posts, video reviews, and podcasts are examples of user-generated content.

Marco Genaro Palma, Genaro Palma

A User-Generated Content (Ugc) Is Anything A Person Creates, Whether A Photo Or A Lengthy Review.

Determine Your Target Audience

Before jumping on the social media bandwagon, small businesses should determine their target audience. Identifying your target audience will help them come up with catchy content that can spark the interest of potential customers. Small companies with interactive content which customers can answer or share usually get more positive feedback and build excellent relationships.

Michelle Siy, Oliver Wicks

Announce Contest Winners on Your Social Media

One of our favorite methods to engage with customers is to announce they are winners of our monthly contest on social media. Customers always get excited when they win our competition, and displaying that joy and excitement on an open social media platform helps advertise our services. Additionally, this is a great way to demonstrate our services in a public setting, where visitors can see how happy the winners are and attempt to join them by entering our monthly contest.

Jeff Neal, CritterFam

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are great for brands to connect with customers on social media. You can use an Instagram poll. It only takes a moment for Instagram users to click a poll answer. Then, they get to see how others answered the poll. Instagram polls and other stories are great ways to boost customer engagement.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging

Add a Human Touch by Posting Video Content on Instagram

Some studies have revealed how Instagram users feel more connected to brands they follow on Instagram and that they prefer to buy from those brands rather than from competitors. This data reflects the importance of implementing a social media strategy to connect with customers and why Small businesses should put effort into this. One idea could be to create behind-the-scenes videos. This theme adds a human touch to your marketing strategy, showing your brand is made of people. This will undoubtedly create a deeper connection since people want to connect with people and not just brands.

Natalia Brzezinska, PhotoAiD

Host Educational Webinars

Educational webinars are an excellent way for Small Business brands to connect with customers on social media. By hosting webinars on topics related to your industry, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and build trust with potential and current customers. Additionally, webinars offer a great opportunity to showcase your products or services in a real-world setting and answer any questions attendees may have.

Michal Jonca, PhotoAiD

Leverage the Founder’s Personal Brand

Small businesses are beginning to understand the power of leveraging their founder’s brand. People are much more likely to trust, let alone buy something out of good faith, from another person than a faceless brand. Small businesses must have intentional owners that are not afraid of using their platform to spread the message to their network and, by extension, increase the likelihood of building a stronger brand for their small business.

Isaac Mashman, Mashman Ventures

Show Behind-the-Scenes Videos

I find that one of the best ways that a small business can get noticed online is to show behind-the-scenes videos of the work that they do. This helps consumers to understand the value of buying the product/service but also can help to demystify what you do or what your company does. We also know that most social media algorithms respond positively to video, so using this and other types of video will help the business gain more general exposure than static posts.

Jennifer Drago, Peak to Profit, LLC

Jennifer Drago, Peak To Profit, Llc Small Business Marketing

Create Interactive Posts

You connect with your customers better when you don’t focus only on posting product-related information but also on giving out interactive posts such as quizzes, a quick feedback form, or even a giveaway. Ensure you find out ways to make your customers interact with your brand’s social media. You can ask for their opinion, create a challenge or giveaway, and be fast in responding to complaints. The more you do this, the more your customer realizes that you care about their opinions and feedback.

Simon Bacher, Simya Solutions

Conduct Online Polls and Surveys on Social Media

I would advise Small businesses to conduct surveys & polls to connect with their customers on social media. These two tools can help small businesses understand their target audience’s needs and want. My team has experimented with polls & surveys on Twitter and LinkedIn, and the response that they receive is phenomenal. Polls and surveys are good conversation starters for connecting with the target audience. With polls, Small businesses should avoid bringing up a critical issue. Keep it light to get an idea about the customer’s preference and opinion regarding the brand. 

Surveys can also help them understand if there are necessary changes to their existing or new products. They also help in knowing what products to add following in the line and features to include. Customer surveys & polls can improve a business’s product and service quality. It helps Small businesses cater to what the customer wants. Moreover, a customer who feels like contributing to product development is likely to stay loyal to the brand.

Sandeep Kashyap, ProofHub

Follow a Social Media Calendar for Consistency

When interacting with customers on social media channels, consistency is crucial. Therefore, by adhering to a social media calendar, small businesses can communicate with an increasing number of clients. Regardless of your platform, the post needs to be well thought out and updated frequently. For instance, content can be categorized as educational, entertaining, or marketing and posted at the appropriate time.

Karen Cate Agustin, Investors Club

Resolve Your Business and Brand Issues Through Social Media

One of the best ways Small Business brands can use social media to connect with their customers is by shining a silver lining on bad news. For instance, if some of your services are down, tweet or send a message across your social media platforms with a cute or funny GIF to brighten things up. Many customers know that things won’t always work perfectly and appreciate it when you are proactively transparent when something goes wrong.

Jon Torres, Jon Torres

Make Use of Meta-Ads

As a social space with billions of users, social media platforms are beautiful places to capture the interests of potential customers and keep connected with them. Recently the company that owns social platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp rebranded to meta. With the rebranding came excellent additions such as the Meta Ad tools. Small and Medium businesses can capitalize on these tools to advertise on social media.

yongming Song, Imgkits- Photo Editor

Use Brand Ambassadors to Promote on Social Media

A Small Business brand can effectively connect with customers on social media through brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are passionate about your brand and willing to share their excitement with others to recruit new customers. They will be able to provide a personal connection that is difficult to find in other marketing types, making them an essential part of any social media strategy. In addition to directly connecting with customers, brand ambassadors can help you create content they can share on their social media platforms. This will allow you to reach new audiences without having to devote as much time or money to developing the content yourself or even paying for advertising space on these platforms.

Amer Hasovic, Love & Lavender

Go Live on Instagram Weekly

One creative way you can connect with your audience as a small business is to go live on Instagram. Whether partnering up with another brand or doing a solo appearance, a “live” can get your followers’ attention. This can get more traction if you make it weekly and just show up for a casual chat, a Q&A, or a short tutorial. The goal is to show up and be available live so people can send you messages in real-time. There’s no better way to connect than that. 

Yanna Berman, Urban Mamaz

12 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Crucial for SMBs

Why is content marketing crucial for small businesses?

To help you appreciate the importance of content marketing for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), we asked content marketing professionals and business owners this question for their best insights. From offering longer life to your marketing to helping you develop expert status in your niche, there are several reasons why SMBs need to fully exploit content marketing to their best advantage in achieving their marketing goals.

Here are 12 reasons these leaders provide for why content marketing is crucial for SMBs:

  1. Content Marketing Offers Longer Life to Your Marketing 
  2. Market Your Uniqueness Through High-Quality Content
  3. Reach Massive Audiences at an Affordable Cost
  4. Engage With Current and Potential Customers
  5. Build Your Brand by Specifically Targeting Your Audience
  6. It’s the Most Efficient Way Small Businesses Can Compete
  7. Show Your Expertise and Personal Side With Content Marketing
  8. It Helps You Grow Links to Your Website
  9. Improve your Ad Results With Engaging and Unique Content 
  10. Create a Personalized Way to Captivate Audiences Across Multiple Platforms
  11. High-Quality SEO Optimized Content Helps You Rank Up in Searches
  12. It Helps You Develop Expert Status in Your Niche

Content Marketing Offers Longer Life to Your Marketing

Content marketing has a longer life than many other forms of marketing. When you create content for your website – whether a blog post, a video, or a long-form piece like a white paper or ebook – you are investing now in something that can continue to have an impact in the future. When you create evergreen content, you are answering a question or solving a problem that customers will keep having. The piece of content you create can show up in front of customers searching for answers and solutions years from now.

Jennifer Klemmetson, Klemmetson Consulting

Market Your Uniqueness Through High-Quality Content

We focus on SEO, website support, and website design and we feel content marketing is crucial because Google (and frankly other media like social media) value content – high quality and unique content. It’s important not just to do content marketing but to strategize with content marketing. The reason it’s so important is that at the heart of SEO is search. While it’s often attributed to search engines and rightfully so, I believe search is psychology revolving around how people search to find you. It’s an exercise and often at the end of that search is some piece of content. So, think about content as being more like sticky paper to communicate and increase your visibility around ideal clients.

Gresham Harkless Jr., Blue 16 Media

12 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Crucial For Smbs

Reach Massive Audiences at an Affordable Cost

You can’t ignore the benefits of content marketing for small businesses. First, content marketing is affordable. By seamlessly weaving into your content that help will be more effective when readers buy your products or pay for your services, marketing is affordable and effective. Pay for an accurate SEO keyword tool and optimize your content with the keyword so your SEO efforts generate eyeballs on your content. After publication, you can take the content that has the link to purchase and promote it on social media. In this way, you get yours without needing an advertising budget. If you do decide to pay for ads, make sure you advertise where your target audience hangs out online.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging

Engage With Current and Potential Customers

Content marketing is crucial for small businesses because it is a way to reach out to potential customers and provide them with information about your products or services. By creating informative and engaging content, you can attract new customers and build a loyal following. Additionally, content marketing can help you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry, which can make customers more likely to do business with you.

Matthew Ramirez, Paraphrase Tool

Build Your Brand by Specifically Targeting Your Audience

Find and reach your ideal audience. Simply, content marketing is valuable and relevant content targeted at a specific audience in a way that engages and builds familiarity. For example, it can be everything from a podcast or book to online video content designed to promote your brand. Some of our most effective videos showcase our behind-the-scenes, which attracts both clients and potential employees who want to see how we do what we do. Content marketing done right builds your brand.

Michael Ayjian, 7 Wonders

It’s the Most Efficient Way Small Businesses Can Compete

When you run a marketing department in a small company, you usually don’t get a huge budget to spend. That’s why, sooner or later, you come to the topic of organic traffic and start to pay attention to good quality content. However, it is tough to compete with large companies, which spend hundreds of dollars on SEO positioning, paid guest posts, paid ads, social media campaigns, etc.

A well-designed content marketing campaign can help you stand out from the sea of bland, non-descriptive posts or graphics. If your idea is unique and an article compelling, people will get hooked on it. When you read a good text or watch a creative video, you don’t think about how many keywords or long tail phrases it contains. It is a pleasure, and you enjoy and savor that moment because the content is engaging and keeps you on tenterhooks. The power of engrossing content is undeniable – and it is the best and most efficient way a small business can compete with larger rivals.

Anna Starkey, Prodio

Show Your Expertise and Personal Side With Content Marketing 

Content marketing allows small businesses to truly position themselves as the expert in their field while also showing the personal side of their business. By sharing content regularly, they can display their knowledge thereby building trust, providing value to grow loyalty, and connecting with their audience by sharing authentic content. These small touches, when done well, can set them apart from big box businesses. People want to know that you care about what you do and ultimately care about them as a customer. Simon Sinek summed it up well when he said “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it…” 

Content marketing allows small businesses to showcase not just what they do, but the passion behind why they do it. Audiences love that!

Beth Gillem, Dogwood Media Solutions

It Helps You Grow Links to Your Website

Content marketing is the vehicle that supports your SEO efforts, and inbound links are important in SEO. So when you create, publish, and promote useful content on your website, people are more likely to link to it from other websites. These inbound links create authority for your website, improving the chances it will show up in search results. Without content, you will have fewer opportunities for links, and SEO is much harder to do.

Lisa Banks, SaaSpirin

12 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Crucial For Smbs

Improve your Ad Results With Engaging and Unique Content

As a digital marketing agency owner for the past 10 years with over $31 million of paid ads managed, I know how to take small businesses to big companies. Initially, entrepreneurs are forced to wear a lot of hats, and unfortunately, most waste a lot of money on services that don’t grow their company. We see this time and time again how companies spend so much time and money on the design of their website with cool functions but it is not user-friendly or more importantly, search engine friendly.

It is crucial to get a solid foundation of unique content not only on your home page but on all the inner pages of your site. After all of your pages have engaging content, images, and call to actions, then you can create a blog. We always recommend creating a blog on your website instead of solely on other sites like Medium.com for SEO purposes. Writing content that people choose to share will not only help grow your organic rankings but will also help improve advertising results.

Jeremy Katz, Advertising For Surgeons

Create a Personalized Way to Captivate Audiences Across Multiple Platforms

Many companies come up with new ideas on how to choose the best way to promote their businesses. The goal of Content marketing is to increase engagement on digital and social channels and to educate the audience. For instance, well-made promo videos usually get more exposure, provide a more personalized way to captivate the audience, growing popularity across different platforms, and improve the understanding of a product or a service as a sales tool that is visible on social feeds. Video content platforms are one of the most effective advertising tools that help businesses just make a profit.

Daria Globchak, Elai.io

High-Quality SEO Optimized Content Helps You Rank Up in Searches

You need to make the best out of SEO strategies with organic content. To rank web pages on SERPs, Google and Bing employ a variety of algorithms (search engine result pages). Quality content is one of the aspects that contribute to a company’s ranking in SERPs. Google, for example, scans your website thoroughly to identify the types of user searches that should be directed to your page. You won’t locate your website in the search results unless your material is high-quality and concise.

Lionel Mora, Neoplants

It Helps You Develop Expert Status in Your Niche

The obvious answer to why content marketing is crucial is for the SEO aspect. But what most small business owners don’t realize is that when you publish top-level content, I’m talking about your best stuff, it paints you as an expert in your niche. People want to work with experts because they want to know they are in good hands. The more great content you put out, the higher your status goes, which also helps your search rankings.

Adam White, SquidVision.com

12 Signs Your Business Needs a Website Update

To help you keep your business website up-to-date at all times, we asked webmasters and marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From the website taking more than 5 seconds to load to having no conversions coming from the site, there are several indicators that you should look out for to help you keep your business website consistently up-to-date.

Here are 12 signs these professionals listed as indicating their business needs a website update

  1. Website Takes More Than 5 Seconds to Load
  2. Social Media Icons and Hyperlinks Always Need to be Checked
  3. The Copyright Date in the Footer Menu is More Than 3 Years Old
  4. Website Lacks Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance
  5. If You Notice No Difference Between Your Website and Competitors’
  6. If You Keep Receiving Inquiries About Information Already on Your Website
  7. If Ahrefs Gives a Health Score Below 90 for Your Website
  8. You Are Getting Negative Customer Feedback or Reviews
  9. Your Website is Not Responsive to Mobile Devices
  10. If The Five-Seconds Rule isn’t Working With Your Website
  11. Brand Images Always Need Checking for Upgrades
  12. If No Conversions Are Coming from the Website

Website Takes More Than 5 Seconds to Load

In a world where thousands of things are demanding your audience’s time, speed matters. Statistics show that a business loses 53% of users if it takes more than three seconds for the website to load. When you realize that your website takes more than 5 seconds or longer to load, it is time to look into updating your website. Your target audience will love to use your services but don’t have the luxury of time to wait for ‘hours’ when other competitors are demanding their attention.

In addition, Google will likely prioritize websites that have a faster loading time above yours, which means a website’s loading time is important. Some tips on improving your website’s loading time include taking a look at your loading time using a page speed insights tool. If your loading time is below average, it means you need to update your website fast. The second is to seek professional advice, and the last is to compress images using plugins and look into third-party scripts.

Simon Bacher, Simya Solutions

12 Signs Your Business Needs A Website Update

Social Media Icons and Hyperlinks Always Need to be Checked

Whether they’re in the footer or the header, it’s important to keep your icons that link out to your social media platforms up-to-date. Here are some elements to be aware of: 

Broken Links
Did you change or customize the URL for your business page on Facebook or LinkedIn, or did you revise your handle on Twitter recently? Make sure that you also update it on your website. 

Out-of-Date Platform Branding
Still, have that lowercase letter “t” for an icon on your website that sends people to your Twitter? You’re way out of date. Change it to the little blue bird ASAP to catch up with the now, and then make sure any others are also in line with the latest platform branding. 

Don’t Be the Last One
Way too many websites still have that G+ icon up on their site. The platform officially died over a year ago, so here’s your final notice to take it down.

Vincent Orleck, SMC Phoenix

The Copyright Date in the Footer Menu is More Than 3 Years Old

We run all kinds of tests on potential clients’ websites: load speed, accessibility, competitive benchmarking, backlink profile, SEO site health, etc.  But the single most significant indicator that a site is out of date is the simplest: if the copyright date in the footer menu is 3+ years old then it’s a sign that the site hasn’t been updated since then. Moreover, it’s a sign that the site developers didn’t know or care enough to code the copyright date to update each year automatically. It’s such an obvious and visible point that most business owners immediately get what we are talking about.  It’s astonishing to me how many websites have this basic problem.

Matthew Stibbe, Articulate Marketing

Website Lacks Americans With Disabilities Act Compliance

While most people are focused on the flashy look of a website, one of the biggest trends in recent years is to build websites that are accessible to people with disabilities. Courts have concluded that business websites must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires that they be accessible. If your website was not built with accessibility in mind, it’s time for a rebuild.

Bobby Klinck, BobbyKlinck.com

If You Notice No Difference Between Your Website and Competitors’

Your website should reflect the kind of company you are as well as help potential clients understand what makes you different from the competition. This means that if you have a competitor’s website, you should be able to provide more information, present it in a more detailed and professional manner, and offer something unique that they don’t. If there’s not a clear difference between the two sites, then it’s time for an update! If there’s nothing unique about your business, then use this opportunity to add some personality and make sure people know who you are! There are plenty of ways to do that, but you must remember that you have to be the best in the game!

Piotr Buczynski, PhotoAid

If You Keep Receiving Inquiries About Information Already on Your Website

If people are reaching out to your contact lines asking about information that you’ve already placed on your website, it points to a problem with the way that information is presented. In other words, people are unable to discover the right pieces of information on your business website. Of course, some people are lazy but if it’s a trend and you keep seeing people ask about an important piece of information like your return policy, offers, or pricing then you can assume that it’s difficult for them to find it. At the very least, you should review how information is presented to enhance discoverability.

Daniel Ndukwu, UsefulPDF

If Ahrefs Gives a Health Score Below 90 for Your Website

Apart from the obvious “search result ranking” the second most important thing we use for our website is Crawl Results. We primarily use Ahrefs to audit our website and do regular crawling once every other week, and if the health score of our website is below 90 – we’ve got to immediately work on it.

This analysis provides an in-depth look at the structure of our website and provides a thorough summary of issues, warnings (that will become an issue soon) as well as how to fix those. Do it regularly and you can see a summary of what orphan pages you have (without any internal links pointing to them), what pages take most to load and thus affects the load speed, and what images on your website shall be compressed to increase loading speed, what of those miss alt or meta descriptions, etc.

Kamil Gusaev, China Access Health

You Are Getting Negative Customer Feedback or Reviews

One indicator is if customer feedback or reviews start to reflect negative sentiment towards your business or products. If this occurs, you likely need to make some changes to improve your online presence. Updating your site regularly will maintain credibility among consumers and ensure they have a positive experience when visiting yours.

Johannes Larsson, JohannesLarsson.com

12 Signs Your Business Needs A Website Update

Your Website is Not Responsive to Mobile Devices

If your website isn’t responsive or doesn’t function properly on phones, which is where I think more than the majority of all Online traffic is coming from, that’s a clue it needs updating. It’s too simple to develop a website that looks stunning on a desktop & leave the digital app seeming like a hot mess, in my opinion. It pays to constantly examine how your website appears on a real phone because most of your viewers are probably viewing it on their smartphone (especially if you’re directing them there via social media).

Make sure that all of your links, navigation, and contact forms function, that no important information is buried or concealed, and that your writing is readable and legible. Your audience, in my opinion, is constantly on the go and won’t want to waste time on a website that’s challenging to use while using a mobile device, so you need to ensure your website is prepared to entice them rather than repel them.

Steve Pogson, FirstPier

If The Five-Seconds Rule isn’t Working With Your Website

Within about five seconds of landing on your website, people should understand the core problem you can help them solve. If they are left wondering what your business actually is – and how it’s helping people – then they’ll give up and move on quickly. Look at your website analytics and survey people to find out if your website message is clear. If it’s not, then take the time to re-identify who you are serving, what their dilemma is, and how you can guide them to a solution.

April Enriquez, WordPop Public Relations

12 Signs Your Business Needs A Website Update

Brand Images Always Need Checking for Upgrades

When a website begins, it updates the image of its current products. However, as time goes on and the business grows, responding to diverse customer needs, its product upgrade must also be attended to. When this growth begins to happen, it is time to upgrade the website so that it may reflect the products the business has at present. If a customer visits the web page, they need to see the actual orders they can make and they are delivered without fail.

yongming Song, Imgkits

If No Conversions Are Coming from the Website

If your website isn’t turning visitors into leads and customers, it’s not converting. Your website can look great, be recently updated, and have lots of fancy features, but if it’s not converting you need to update it. Simply, for every 100 people that visit your website, it’s likely that 1 to 3 people will convert. If you work with an expert you can increase this from 3 to 5, or more. For most businesses that means 100s more customers across a year. Start by reviewing your analytics and find out what your current conversion rate is, then engage an expert who can improve this.

Oliver Meakings, Roast My Landing Page

Why is Local SEO Important for Your Business?

Why Is Local Seo Important For Your Business?

To help you leverage local SEO to your best advantage, we asked SEO specialists and marketing professionals this question for their best insights. From helping save money and time to making it easier to convert local users, several tangible reasons may convince you to take full advantage of local SEO to bring growth to your business. 

Here are eight reasons why local SEO is crucial for your business:

  • Local SEO Helps Saves Money and Time
  • It is Easier to Gain Organic Traffic
  • Search Results Are Yielding More Location-Based Results
  • Local Search Results Bring in More Revenue
  • Boost Conversions in Your Community
  • Local SEO Helps You Stand Out from Your Competitors
  • Build Trust With Local SEO
  • Local SEO Especially Makes it Easier to Convert Local Users

Local SEO Saves Money and Time

You cannot underestimate the importance of local SEO when you have a limited service area. For example, if your hair salon is paying for ads seen by people all over the world that will never walk through the door, it’s losing money. If you have a limited service area such as only providing a service for a local community, you don’t want people outside of that service area to see the website. This is why local SEO is needed to generate more qualified prospects and sales from people in your area who are already looking for you.

Brenton Thomas, Twibi Digital Marketing Agency

It is Easier to Gain Organic Traffic

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without you having to pay for it. When it comes to SEO, organic reach is essential because it represents the potential customers who are searching for your products or services online. According to a recent study, 63% of all Google searches are done to find local results. This means that if your business doesn’t show up in local search results, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Local SEO is crucial for business because it allows you to reach potential customers who are actively searching for what you have to offer. By optimizing your website for local search, you can make sure that your business is visible to the people who are most likely to use your products or services. As a result, you’ll be able to generate more leads and convert more customers, which will ultimately lead to increased sales and profits.

Sher Jan, US Installment Loans 

Search Results Are Yielding More Location-Based Results

Over time, Google’s algorithm has gotten better and better at deciphering which queries have the most local search intent. Not only does the map pack change based on the searcher’s location, but the traditional results (the traditional ten blue links) are also now more likely to return an increased volume of local search results than in the past. 

Businesses need to make sure they are providing enough locally relevant content on their website and have an optimized Google Business Profile to ensure they’re able to rank for queries that have local intent. Keywords that used to be next to impossible to rank for on the national level are now available to businesses in their local areas due to these changes, so if businesses aren’t focusing on local SEO, they’re leaving significant opportunities for growth on the table.

Ryan Jacobsen, LaneTerralever

Local Search Results Bring in More Revenue

There are many reasons why local SEO can be crucial for a business, such as better online visibility resulting in more traffic to a website, more in-store traffic at a physical location, more calls, and more emails. However, ultimately it all boils down to the most important metric, revenue. Due to the number of potential customers who use Google and Google maps, if you are being found in the map listings and the local search results, then you are going to make more money as a business.

Max Peters, Technical SEO Consulting

Boost Conversions in Your Community

Local SEO is crucial for business because people in towns and cities will often search on Google and other search engines for services or products ‘near me’ or with the location as part of the query. If your website isn’t optimized to take advantage of these local searches, then you could be missing out on inquiries from customers on your very own doorstep. As people prefer to deal with businesses local to them, having your website ranked high for your location will often lead to website clicks and conversions, be that online or in-store if you have a bricks-and-mortar business. Not only that, it can help to build your brand in the community as being the business of choice for the products or services you offer (providing you’re reputable, that is!).

Steph Andrusjak, SEO Steph

Local SEO Helps You Stand Out from Your Competitors

Local SEO is crucial for businesses because it allows businesses to be found by potential customers searching for their products or services in a specific location. 

By optimizing their website and Google My Business listing, businesses can appear in the top search results for relevant keywords, resulting in more website visitors and leads. That Google My Business listing optimization can be semi-automated with tools like Surfer Local. Worth to mention that it’s good practice for local businesses to incorporate at least one keyword in their brand name. For example, searching “Restaurants in Soho ”, you may see “Bob Bob Ricard Soho” and “Bill’s Soho Restaurant” in the top 3. Both contain the location in their names. 

Additionally, local SEO can help businesses to stand out from their competitors who may not be investing in this type of optimization. Local SEO is integral to any comprehensive digital marketing strategy and can help businesses reach their target audiences more effectively.

Lukasz Zelezny, SEO Consultant London

Build Trust With Local SEO

People generally like to shop for products locally (where possible) and do business with local companies.  This is because people are more likely to trust a company if they know it’s local, rather than if it’s on the other side of the country. Therefore businesses must invest in local SEO for their website. This way, when potential customers search for companies in their local area and your business is displayed in the search results, these potential customers will be more likely to trust your business and go on to contact you. I’ve personally found that local SEO campaigns are the most satisfying to run!

Sam Robinson, Web Spider

Local SEO Especially Makes it Easier to Convert Local Users

I find local SEO especially important because the user is already very far in the user journey and being located close to your shop, is far easier to convert. If you take care of local SEO you can appear for instance in the knowledge panel or on the google maps feature. Both of them own a lot of “search real estate” on the search engine result page” 

In my opinion, Google my business is the most powerful local SEO tool. Use it intensively and wisely. Besides the basic (verify the profile, add address and opening hour), I recommend the following: add all services you offer and describe them; when you publish a new blog post on your website, share it on google my business; ask your clients to rate your service on google my business and take the time to reply to them individually, and add authentic photos of your business to the profile. 

Corina Burri, Senior Marketing Manager

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8 Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant

To help you take advantage of the expertise of digital marketing consultants, we asked marketing managers and business leaders this question for their best insights. From receiving an honest outsider perspective to gaining a better edge over competitors, there are several benefits that may encourage you to hire a digital marketing consultant and leverage their professional expertise in growing your business.

Here are eight benefits of hiring a digital marketing consultant

  1. Receive an Honest Outsider Perspective
  2. Save Time and Money
  3. Get Evidence-Based Marketing
  4. Reach Your Best Target Audience and Grow Your Business
  5. Allows You To Improve Customer Experience
  6. Get a Broad Perspective On Your Business
  7. Expand Your Professional Connections
  8. Gain a Better Edge Over Competitors

Receive an Honest Outsider Perspective

One benefit of hiring a digital marketing consultant for your business is getting an unbiased perspective. Naturally, your consultant will aim to satisfy you as a client. However, having no aspirations of extending the relationship beyond the current job, an outside vendor will likely be more honest in their critiques than regular employees. Bringing on one of these professionals provides valuable outside insight and constructive criticism beyond the fear of career repercussions.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

Save Time and Money

The one benefit I believe it’s worth hiring a marketing consultant is the time you will have to focus on more important areas of your business. As business owners, we are often stretched thin because we want to have control of all areas of our company. This can actually hurt you more than save you money. In the end, there are certain things that you need to leave to the experts. And I firmly believe that digital marking is one of those things. Unless you are a marketer yourself, you will spend hours upon hours learning the craft instead of just trusting someone to do the job well for you. That will result in brand visibility and growth, SEO boost, and hopefully more leads and sales.  

Andrei Vasilescu, DontPayFull

Get Evidence-Based Marketing 

Experts in digital marketing will have a wide breadth of knowledge, but also a depth of expertise. In the end, it’s not all about spouting out self-serving claims about how great your ideas are. In the data-driven world as well as the creative world, digital marketers will have strong evidence of what is worthwhile. Results are what matter most to digital marketers all over the world. Multiple web tools will be used to track progress, anticipate problems, and report on achievements over time. In the end, it will be their expertise that will be of use to you. Decoding engagement rates, click-through rates, and other metrics is particularly challenging.

Ayman Zaidi, GreatPeopleSearch

Reach Your Best Target Audience and Grow Your Business

A digital marketing consultant has the skills and knowledge to help you with your online presence. They can create content that your users will see, optimize it to get the highest possible number of views and shares, and track how many people are engaging with it. This means that they can provide you with an understanding of what works best for your business and how to make changes as necessary.

Ivy Bosibori, USBadCreditLoans

Allows You To Improve Customer Experience

Digital marketing consultants are a vital addition to any marketing team because they help your business get the point of view of a third-party expert. In-house marketing teams can often become to closeted to the changes necessary to enhance the customer experience. However, the addition of a digital marketing consultant to your business firstly allows you an outsider’s point of view on how you are handling your digital marketing campaigns. Secondly, a digital marketing consultant can help you arrive at insights on how you can differentiate your customer experience, thus attracting and retaining more customers.

Mehtab Ahmed, LoansJury

Get a Broad Perspective On Your Business

Digital marketing consultants are people with much more wide experience than anyone else. They work with companies from many industries, which gives them a broad view of the marketing world. In other words, they aren’t limited just to one field of expertise. So, if you collaborate with those professionals, you can benefit from their comprehensive knowledge and look at your business from another perspective. As a result, you get more innovative solutions for your campaigns.

Leszek Dudkiewicz, passport-photo online

Expand Your Professional Connections

Precisely put, hiring a digital marketing consultant provides you access to their professional network. A corporation with no understanding or practice in the digital marketing industry will struggle to establish partnerships and connections that facilitate online advertising. A marketing expert with decades of work expertise and connections, on the other hand, completely avoids this stage. The links alone could save you years of effort. Everyone in that network contributes something. Each person is as vital as the next, whether it is exposure to more relationships, tools, or guidance. It can be hard to construct a network of specialists from other fields if you have no impact in the digital realm.

Brian Hong, Big Easy Roofing

Gain a Better Edge Over Competitors

The marketing industry has always been changing rapidly, and if you cannot pay attention to current marketing trends with the help of a digital marketing consultant, your business is likely to face a downturn. Digital marketing consultants help you assess whether or not your strategies for improving sales are viable in the long run. This, in turn, helps you leverage against competitors who do not have access to professional digital marketing insights. They aid in utilizing current marketing trends to their fullest capacity so that your business dominates search engines and sales. Ultimately, they save company costs from marketing strategies that have loopholes.

Daniel Maman, My Phenom Fitness

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